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What sparks your creativity? 

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American sociologist Ray Oldenburg is known for his theory of ‘third places’. The concept of us having a first place (home), a second place (work) and a third place, where we spend time between the other two places, exchanging ideas, building relationships and, essentially, having a kind of community that is centred around a shared […]

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Vaxxers – Sarah Gilbert & Cath Green

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At the start of 2020, Sarah Gilbert was the professor of vaccinology at the university of Oxford and had been working on developing vaccines for a number of years. Dr Cath Green had a half-time role as head of the Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility (CBF) and half-time running a research team at the Welcome Centre for […]

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BGH at Primary Care Conference in Salford

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Bryan Griffiths, MD, BG Healthcare Consultancy attended the Primary Care Conference in Salford recently. The programme featured talks from Dr. Mike Holmes, Vice Chair of the Royal College of GPs. Louise Brady RN, Nurse Lead Primary and Community Care, Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and Dr. Sohail Munshi, GP Five Oaks Family Practice and […]

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A Virtual Experience

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  We have been working on all things Virtual Reality (VR) recently and it was a truly immersive experience when I travelled to London to meet up with our new clients My Cyber Royaume. During a full demonstration, I was able to explore the virtual holiday Villa – with cooking activities in the kitchen and […]

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Malopolska Visit for Ithaca

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It was a privilege to be involved in the Krakow Region Visit for the Ithaca EU project earlier this year. I went across as part of the UK delegation for the EEPE – which is the Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation in Poland. The visit started with a trip to the Babinski Clinical Hospital […]

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5G Testbed Demonstrations of New Technologies

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We were treated to some excellent new technologies at the 5G testbed in Liverpool last week. On behalf of the eHealth Cluster, we explored some new solutions for health and care running on the 5G network available at the new Accelerator building in Liverpool. This testbed is set up to see if reliable and affordable […]

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DISH Kick off Meeting

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Dishing out the Training……..   DISH is the Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health and the kick-off meeting took place in Aabenraa, Denmark in January. I was there as a representative of the Liverpool eHealth Cluster. The project is looking into the present and future skills needed to successfully engage with the ongoing digitisation […]

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Merry Christmas from the BG Healthcare Team

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We have reached the end of another year and we have to say it has been a real thrill for BG Healthcare – the business and team has grown and we have taken on more projects than previously.Again, we have had the privilege of working with some amazing innovators and been involved in a host […]

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Mission Medica 2018

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We are attending MEDICA 2018 as part of the Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission for health sector of companies, exhibiting Northern expertise and innovation in Health and Social Care. This year we have more international clients and we’re looking forward to catching up at the event. We are also keen to meet with others interested in […]

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BG Healthcare at Open Day Event

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