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Mission Medica 2018

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We are attending MEDICA 2018 as part of the Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission for health sector of companies, exhibiting Northern expertise and innovation in Health and Social Care. This year we have more international clients and we’re looking forward to catching up at the event. We are also keen to meet with others interested in […]

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BG Healthcare at Open Day Event

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BG Healthcare as Service Provider in EU Initiatives

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We are really pleased to be involved in both the Boost4Health and Cross4Health Projects. As a service provider on these initiatives we are able to provide support and coaching to SMEs from several EU countries. The Boost4Health community offers coaching and vouchers to stimulate collaborations between the regions. SMEs in the region with a proven […]

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BG Healthacare in Wales

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Its has been a real joy to spend some more time in Wales recently – especially with some exciting new collaborations underway. The recent MediWales Connects event was great fun – lots of input from all of the Welsh Health Boards and some mazing new innovations from the exhibitors. We had a packed programme with […]

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STOPand GO Project – Brussels

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STOPand GO EU Project I was delighted to be involved in the recent review of the EU project, STOPandGO. This project is a pilot of an innovative procurement process to improve the lives of older citizens. One important aspect of the project was not to focus on a particular technology improvement, but rather to look […]

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Itaca Workshop in Eindhoven

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It was a pleasure to be involved in the recent Ithaca workshop in Eindhoven. Ithaca is an Interreg project that seeks to maximise industry involvement to improve policies for Smart Health and Care Innovation. As a small body of SMEs from the region we were challenged to consider the issue of ‘Engaging industry to improve […]

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It’s Time for the Spring Clean

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Time for a Spring Clean… This is traditionally the time of year for a spring clean. As the weather improves and thoughts turn to getting everything in order – it is an opportunity to discard or recycle the old and bring in the new. The same can apply equally in business and so this year […]

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Apoorva Tiloda

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It has been a real pleasure to have Apoorva Tiloda working alongside me over the last six months while he was finishing his Master’s Degree in Public Health. His attitude and diligence are first class and his knowledge and experience as a pharmacist has helped BG Healthcare to grow this year. We have shared some […]

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Innovations galore….

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The event this year went by in a blur and was packed with meetings and introductions – we hardly had time for selfies! We also got to see some of the amazing technology on display from robotics for rehab to intelligent infusion pumps. There were sensors for independent care, novel monitoring for cardiology, neuroscience and […]

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Mission MEDICA

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Medica has become the focus for BG Healthcare as part of its ongoing development. We are attending with the Department for International Trade (DIT), in association with Medilink, as part of a Northern Powerhouse trade mission for companies in the medical sector showcasing Northern expertise and innovation. We have been busy planning and preparing for […]

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