What We Offer

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Business Consultancy

We can provide assistance with business plans for those interested in selling to the NHS. Additional support for those organisations who are new to the NHS and UK Healthcare. We can provide specific guides for those wishing to understand the new NHS and how best to sell into the NHS.

New Market Assessments

New Market Analysis is provided to assist with decision making and identification of the lead competitors within each market segment. Route to market studies can be provided within the context of the most up-to-date clinical pathways.

Business Strategy & Development

We ensure organisations are aligned with the needs of healthcare clinicians. By utilising a strong network of healthcare professionals we can ensure your healthcare solutions are scrutinized by those who will be the eventual users.

Identification of business partners

Utilising the healthcare network we can provide tailored surveys (online and postal) to ensure your products are ‘road tested’ by a wide sample of UK healthcare professionals. New clients are identified to provide a pipeline of potential users through engagement in these processes.

Available for non-executive positions

Available to provide strategic support to organisation who require healthcare experience from both private and public prospectives.