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Business Consultancy

We can provide assistance with business plans for those interested in selling to the NHS. Additional support for those organisations who are new to the NHS and UK Healthcare. We provide route to market guidance and help clients to understand healthcare procurement in the UK.

New Market Assessments

New Market Analysis is provided to assist with decision making and identification of the lead competitors, influencers, key policy documents and decision makers within each market segment. Route to market studies can be provided within the context of the most up-to-date approved clinical pathways.

Business Strategy & Development

We ensure organisations are aligned with the needs of healthcare clinicians. By utilising a strong network of healthcare professionals we can ensure your healthcare solutions are scrutinized, understood and introduced to by those who will be the eventual end users. We also have access to a wide network of non-clinical managerial NHS staff that are involved in commissioning goods and services in the UK.

Identification of business partners

Utilising the healthcare network we can obtain expert opinion on your products and services; in addition if required we can provide more extensive and far reaching tailored surveys (online and postal) to ensure your products are reviewed by a wide sample of UK healthcare professionals or potential interested parties. End users, early adopters and testers can be identified to provide a pipeline of potential users through engagement in these processes.

Product Evaluations & Project Bids

Whether you require initial user feedback; evidence for a case study or identification of academic and health partners for a robust clinical study, BG Healthcare can identify and introduce you to partners to participate in these activities and also project manage any evaluation on the ground on your behalf. BG Healthcare can participate in funding bids as a partner; assisting to write the bid and project manage any activity resulting in successful bid applications.


We have experience of working with international companies and have helped with the following activities: route to market; regulation; introduction to key partners; and identification of supply and distribution partners. BG Healthcare can also be the initial presence in the UK for emerging International and new to market products.



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