As project manager of the European AAL Joint Programme project ENSAFE I had the pleasure to work together with Bryan Griffiths. I really appreciated his enthusiasm, pragmatism and in-depth knowledge of the health sector and innovation programmes on both national as EU level. He is eager to make a difference and always willing to think along with other partners.
Joyce de Laat // Project Manager bij Luckt B.V. en Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020


Bryan has extensive experience of bringing new innovations into the NHS and can skillfully span the divide between technology SMEs and NHS clinicians and practitioners.
John Leake // Business Development Manager at Sci-Tech Daresbury


Bryan has outstanding knowledge of healthcare product innovation and internationally leading expertise in woundcare materials development. He has successfully managed numerous high profile projects involving multi-disciplinary collaboration to a successful conclusion.
Stephen Russell // Professor, Leeds University


Bryan is one of the most considered and generous people I know. He is committed and dedicated to delivering value to all who he works with. Experienced and talented, Bryan is able to support the public and private sector in equal measures. I completely recommend you connect with Bryan. You won’t be disappointed.
Liz Ashall Payne // CEO ORCHA


Bryan is truly a breath of fresh air to work with. We met by coincidence but how glad I am, Bryan has become a great friend, colleague and partner to The GGI. The innovation and vision Bryan has for BG Healthcare is inspirational and I am very much looking forward to being part of the journey.
Ashley Price // Client Director at World Class Manager


Bryan has been helping with our strategy for integrated health and social care. We have found him to be very knowledgeable and aware of the complexities involved in this work. We value his advise and have also benefited from his network.
James Dwyer // Pineshield Health & Social Care Services





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