Case Study: BG Healthcare introduces LactApp to the UK market

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The LactApp Health platform is a supported breastfeeding application, designed to assist new mothers throughout pregnancy, up to and beyond the child’s age of two.
Utilising state-of-the-art technology LactApp keeps new mothers informed on breastfeeding products, progress metrics, ‘how-to’ explanations, general and emergency information; in addition to a unique virtual breastfeeding consultation service.
With supported research the LactApp platform provides an all-encompassing experience to help promote breastfeeding, therefore improving breastfeeding rates. The App was developed for Spanish speaking users and is widely used in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.


In 2018, LactApp CEO Enric Pallarés approached the Boost for Health Programme with the ambition of gaining a greater understanding of the UK market with a view to launching LactApp in the UK.

With an extensive understanding of the UK Healthcare market, BG Healthcare responded to this request for assistance by submitting a detailed proposal of what would be included and achieved through this work.

LactApp Medical Bryan Griffiths
Above: Enric Pallarés; CEO of LactApp Medical and Sharon Jones; Lactation Consultant at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Main Pic: Bryan Griffiths; BG Healthcare, Enric Pallarés; CEO of LactApp Medical and Matt Biagetti, Investment Manager; Invest Liverpool.



A detailed report was compiled including information on the demand in the UK for this solution; market strategy; monetization and revenue models for similar apps used in the UK; networking opportunities; and suggested next steps.

How BG Healthcare Helped

Within a tight time scale of four months; BG Healthcare delivered the following:

  • Detailed information on the UK market as requested
  • BG Healthcare hosted Enric Pallarés at the Unicef Baby Friendly Conference.
  • BG Healthcare introduced Enric Pallarés to key clinical leads in the area of infant feeding within the NHS
  • BG Healthcare arranged a meeting to discuss App validation and rating for use within the UK, which could ultimately lead to the App being made available on the NHS App library.


Following the assistance from BG Healthcare, LactApp was able to return to the UK to continue discussions with the connections made though the collaboration. The company was able to explore funding options for the next phase of their growth.

‘Our collaboration was great. We look forward to working with Bryan again in the future. His report will be very helpful to us to land in the UK.’
Enric Pallarés on working with BG Healthcare

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