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  I’ve been a fan of the composer Max Richter for some time now. I was particularly fascinated in his piece Sleep – which suggests new ways for music and consciousness to interact, ‘a personal lullaby for a frenetic world…, a manifesto for a slower pace of existence’. It’s a piece that is designed to […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Medicine and Healthcare

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Alexandra Hammond What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?   During 1941 at a secret code-breaking facility in the English countryside, mathematicians and code breakers solved a problem that would go on to significantly affect the outcome of World War II. This problem of course, was that of the Enigma cipher device which was used […]

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  Reading has been one of those absolute luxuries that has been ok to overdo in lockdown. I’ve set myself a 40-book target for 2021 which promises a mix of business books and some much over-looked fiction. I recently read Breath by James Nestor – The New Science of a Lost Art. Not only is […]

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