What sparks your creativity? 

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American sociologist Ray Oldenburg is known for his theory of ‘third places’. The concept of us having a first place (home), a second place (work) and a third place, where we spend time between the other two places, exchanging ideas, building relationships and, essentially, having a kind of community that is centred around a shared […]

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  I’ve been a fan of the composer Max Richter for some time now. I was particularly fascinated in his piece Sleep – which suggests new ways for music and consciousness to interact, ‘a personal lullaby for a frenetic world…, a manifesto for a slower pace of existence’. It’s a piece that is designed to […]

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Merry Christmas from BG Healthcare

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A year ago, I posted a Christmas message that was fairly typical – we were pleased with the opportunities that arose in 2019 and we were optimistic about 2020. None of us could have imagined the year ahead. I’ve looked back at some of the business magazines/journals which predicted events for 2020 and life seemed […]

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