Case Study: VF Bioscience

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VF Bioscience has developed a series of innovative functional ingredients and food supplements. These innovative products include new probiotic strains, active bacterial metabolites and fermentation products.

The conditions which might be helped by the product include: prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, immune support, mood enhancements and cognitive function.

Through the Boost4Health programme, VF Bioscience has previously worked with BG Healthcare to explore the use of one of its products in the UK market – namely AHCC or Active Hexose Correlated Compound, a unique highly potent medical mushroom extract.

The market expertise requested demanded a market study of the UK in relation to supplement use, the structure and drivers of the UK markets, the best distribution channels and identification of some potential distributors.

We focused our attention on

  • Research
  • Finding potential UK distributors
  • UK expert opinion on AHCC
  • Regulatory Considerations Inc. NICE,
    Food supplement regulations and Oral Nutritionist Supplement (ONS) prescribing


Detailed report which included:

  • UK expert opinion
  • NHS supplement usage
  • Regulatory pathway
  • UK distributor shortlist


BG healthcare was able to link VF Bioscience to UK research expertise to explore the regulations needed for further clinical studies. We also assisted in developing the dialogue between potential distributors and provided options on distributors agreements for supply of AHCC.
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