Merry Christmas from BG Healthcare

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A year ago, I posted a Christmas message that was fairly typical – we were pleased with the opportunities that arose in 2019 and we were optimistic about 2020. None of us could have imagined the year ahead. I’ve looked back at some of the business magazines/journals which predicted events for 2020 and life seemed quite different then – we were absorbed by how AI might impact on health, whether technologies would replace clinicians, how to manage a distributed workforce and the rise of the robot radiologists. Oddly, all of the activities have not only come into play but have been fast-tracked in their development due to the pandemic.


On reflection, BG Healthcare has been privileged to be so active in 2020 and to work on some very rewarding projects. These have included activity in the fields of new wound care, PPE, infection control, social isolation, patient monitoring, bereavement, skincare and virtual reality. I would like to acknowledge all those who contributed here in helping us with the delivery of these projects in a professional and timely manner. I am surrounded by some extremely talented individuals and that makes working with them an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for me. In particular, I would like to thank Kia, Gemma and Nicole for their wonderful support this year. However, the most rewarding projects this year have to be those directly supporting the fight against the pandemic – there can be no greater motivating factor in the midst of a global crisis.


We are already excited for 2021 and challenges that await. It feels as though we are ending the year with great positivity in common with the recent vaccine rollout – a joy to see. Some behaviours and processes of this year will remain with us I believe and in particular the way we communicate and collaborate across vast distances. I recently attended the online Medica event and marvelled how much easier it was to navigate. There were still a bewildering number of exhibitors – over 1,500 and the match-making event was slick it’s no surprise that Medica 2021 will be a hybrid event. As a result, hybrid events are here to stay, it lowers the risk for everyone, and as we know, the major vaccination programme that will hopefully give us greater freedoms in the future is ‘a marathon not a sprint’.


So a hybrid 2021 awaits and we’ll continue to play our part in whatever way we can.



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