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STOPand GO EU Project

I was delighted to be involved in the recent review of the EU project, STOPandGO. This project is a pilot of an innovative procurement process to improve the lives of older citizens. One important aspect of the project was not to focus on a particular technology improvement, but rather to look for integration and the simultaneous improvement of the models of care by utilizing new technology.

Four successful procurements were achieved including, Liverpool City Council, Hospital San Pau (Barcelona), City of Helmond and University Hospital Miguel Servet in Spain. The goals of the innovative services were quite varied ranging from advanced domiciliary care to prolonged independence for patients with dementia.A crucial aspect of the successful procurers is that they were able to make organisational changes needed to up-scale the services. In total the four procurers involved in the service delivery stage have reached a total more than 10,000 users (end-users, informal caregivers and health care professionals) benefitting from the new services.

It was great to once again meet up with friends and colleagues in Brussels and most pleasing was getting some extremely positive feedback from the EU reviewers.



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