5G Testbed Demonstrations of New Technologies

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We were treated to some excellent new technologies at the 5G testbed in Liverpool last week. On behalf of the eHealth Cluster, we explored some new solutions for health and care running on the 5G network available at the new Accelerator building in Liverpool. This testbed is set up to see if reliable and affordable 5G technology could improve how healthcare is delivered.

Several companies were invited to demonstrate their solutions on the network – we looked closely at the Internet of Things (IoT) in relation to sensors which can be strategically placed in the home to monitor signed of wellbeing. In this instance we didn’t focus too much on the sensors but rather the AI engines that sat behind them. These innovations were using powerful algorithms to firstly provide a baseline pattern in the home and then the identification of patterns of deterioration which can be point of certain medical conditions such as issues with cognitive ability and potential UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). Other solutions we examined used VR assist in reducing anxiety and helping with dementia. These immersive products can use vast amounts of data and so be able to tap into a 5G network was very beneficial for these companies.

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