Malopolska Visit for Ithaca

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It was a privilege to be involved in the Krakow Region Visit for the Ithaca EU project earlier this year.

I went across as part of the UK delegation for the EEPE – which is the Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation in Poland.

The visit started with a trip to the Babinski Clinical Hospital in Krakow, where we heard about the Regional strategy and programmes for health. We saw in detail the activities of the hospital and the range of integration measures with the local community.

We then moved to the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology for presentations on the Jagiellonian Centre for Innovation with some great examples of university/industry collaborations. We were informed about the University of the 3rd Age activity plus enlightened on the social innovation Incubator.

There were some impressive new builds at The Molscice Medical Centre and the Safe Haven Centre at Tarnow. One of the main highlights had to be the trip to the Health Resort in the Salt Mine at Wieliczka though, where we witnessed some of the rehab programmes, but also enjoyed dinner in the spectacular underground chamber.

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