A Virtual Experience

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We have been working on all things Virtual Reality (VR) recently and it was a truly immersive experience when I travelled to London to meet up with our new clients My Cyber Royaume. During a full demonstration, I was able to explore the virtual holiday Villa – with cooking activities in the kitchen and sporting activities in the garden area – though I did discover my golf swing needs some work !

Stéphane and Victoria very kindly took me through the process and we discussed many of the potential health benefits for this technology. The PREV module in the Good Cells range has some excellent activities to address cognitive decline, such as training sessions for:

  • Spatial representations to memorise locations and roads
  • Improving Memory Capacity
  • Logical reasoning to improve Decision Making

The Good Cells TREAT tool is a complete medical interface where the follow-up of patients’ sessions is facilitated. As a caregiver, you have the opportunity to consult the patient’s data, compare his or her sessions, observe his or her progress and thus adapt the rest of the therapy.

We continue to work with companies like My Cyber Royaume who are bringing this exciting new  technology to solve some very real-life problems. In Healthcare, VR is already being applied to areas such as training new staff on medical procedures or surgery, pain relief management, the treatment of phobias and the use of VR as a diagnostic tool.

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